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Auto Responders

When a subscriber joins your email campaign, opens your message, clicks a link, or even forwards it to a friend this can trigger a custom response email to be sent to them automatically. For example, sending a welcome email to new people joining your list. You can have emails sent on specific days, like a holiday greeting, or on special days for your subscribers, like a “Happy Birthday” message.

Recurring email campaigns

You can schedule your email campaigns in advance so they’re sent automatically on a recurring schedule, for example every Monday, or on the first day of each month. Keep your subscriber retention high with regular automated emails to keep them engaged.

Smart segments

Send highly targeting emails to your subscribers, for example a “We miss you” message to people who haven’t opened your last message or clicking on any links recently. You can also target subscribers using any of the demographic information in your database, like only sending an email to people in a specific location, within an age range, based on gender, or any combination.

A/B split testing

Have a couple of ideas for a campaign, but not sure which is best? Using split testing you can create two completely different emails that are each sent to a small number of your subscribers. Based on how many people open the messages and click your links, the most successful campaign is chosen and is then automatically sent to everyone else on the list.

Email designer

You don’t need to be a web or graphics designer to create eye-catching emails. With the Email wizard you’ll have a wide variety of attractive pre-made templates to use, and it’s simple to customize them to your exact needs with the easy to use interface. You can also import any existing emails you may already be using.

Email marketing reports

You’ll know exactly how your campaigns are doing with easy to ready charts and graphs showing you all the important statistics, like how many people are opening your emails, clicking your links, or unsubscribing and also keep you up on any issues like messages bouncing or being reported as spam.

Shopify Integration

Connect to your Shopify store in seconds with no technical knowledge required. This will enable deep and powerful integration and allow highly targeting messaging based on what your customer activity increasing sales and retention.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Unfortunately many buyers will abandon a purchase during checkout, but by automatically targeting these potential sales with gentle reminders featuring product images you can draw customers back in to finish what they started.

Win-Backs and Follow-ups

Make sure your customers keep coming back to your store by sending targeted emails to everyone who hasn’t visited recently and showing them some of your latest and greatest products, generating more repeat sales.

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